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  • Worked Up Over Wages

    In late July, New York enacted legislation requiring that, by 2018, fast-food workers in New York City be paid $15 an hour, with the rest of the state, including economically depressed areas like Buffalo and Rochester, following suit by mid-2021. For a 40-hour-a-week employee, that equates to entry-level pay of $600 a week, or $31,200 annually.Read More

  • In the Trenches

    Like his father and grandfather before him, Manny N. Francis, Jr., employs a hands-on approach to management of Green HarborRead More

  • Investing in the Future

    Since being tapped to host a Champions Tour event, management of Greystone has been bullish in efforts to upgrade the club's facilitiesRead More


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  • Creating a Culture of Excellence
  • Creating a Culture of Excellence

    Customer service is a systematic approach to doing business that must be embraced by every employee and drive every aspect of a golf course operation. That’s why the best course owners nurture a workplace environment that’s grounded in taking care of their most important asset: the people who buy their products and services. In this video outtake from the NGCOA Annual Conference, you’ll learn how to foster a culture of excellence that keeps customers coming back, time and again.Read More

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