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April 2019

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The Pillsbury Effect
 ClubCorp’s expanding, but remaining true to its rootsRead More

Why Bother with Barter?
 While there are promising indicators and progressive things happening in golf that cause me to be quite bullish about the long term prospects of our industry, the business of running golf courses in America – by and large – has been a slog for the past 15 years.Read More

Bucking the Trend
 Desert Mountain’s Seven defies private club declineRead More

This Diamond in the Rusk still shines
 20 Years Later, this Family Business Still has Staying PowerRead More

Case Studies

Reaching the Tipping point
 We’ve all been there before. You make a purchase, receive goods or services and days later you login to check your bank account. Sometimes the charges are still pending, sometimes the card has been authorized. Most times, those goods and services are paid for and your card has been charged.Read More

Membership Model Spans Country
 High-end operator develops exclusive networkRead More

Course Lessee Proposes Innovative Solution to Capital Expenditure
 Course Lessee Proposes Innovative Solution to Capital ExpenditureRead More

A Time for Reflection
 With the many changes taking place in Washington, D.C., it seems there is a “quiet before the stormRead More

Two Operators, Two Questions - Getting ready for the big show
 How Do You Plan For A Big, Worldwide Event In Your TownRead More

Golfpay Offers Direct Connections
 For a lot of course operators, one of the growing channels used for tee-time reservations are third-party companiesRead More

Final Thoughts with Randy Solis
 How does operating a golf course for a city government differ from other golf operations?Read More

Industry News and Trends

Kemper’s Flexibility a Model for Attracting Women Managers
 Christie Paich knows the anxieties. She understands the constraints. She appreciates the hesitation.Read More

Speculation Rampant About “The Wall’s” Impact on Golf
 As with everything dealing with Pres. Donald Trump’s proposed border-security barrier, the politically-charged “wall,” speculation is running rampant about who will be affected.Read More



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