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April 2021

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The Evolution of Golf Culture
I am sitting down to pen this column nine months to the day after the death of George Floyd, which catalyzed an acceleration of the perpetual grappling and reconciliation of racism in our societyRead More

Cover Stories and Features

It is Time to Remove Plantation from Golf Course Names
It's almost too trite to use Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'" lyrics to introduce this articleRead More

How to Turn Your Welcome Mat into a Red Carpet
Linnet Carty may be the perfect person to help you make your course a more welcoming place. Why? When you hear her story about her first golf outing, it all makes sense.Read More

Mackenzie Mack Is Setting A New Standard For The GameRead More

Partners for Social Change Through Golf Drive Cedar Crest Renaissance
Here in these times of troubles and woe — pandemic, a stressed economy, political strife — if you want to tell a comeback story, you may have to get in line.Read More

Case Studies

Clearview Golf Club a Family Legacy for Renee Powell
Under a clear Canton sky, the marker, sturdy and alone, cinnamon brown with gold trim and crowned with the leaves of a buckeye, says it allRead More

Forest Park Welcoming Fresh Faces
For much of the 20th century, Forest Park Country Club was one of the premier private golf and country clubs in Southwest Virginia, a symbol of success for the surrounding Martinsville-Henry County area that was world renowned for its furniture and textile/apparel manufacturing prowessRead More

Can a Course Owner Require COVID Vaccinations?
Almost one year ago, the Coronavirus changed the way we live, work and playRead More

A Cool New Way To Bring In Business
Most Northern golf facilities are still in hibernation mode this time of year and slowly coming back to life for business. Sure, some operations are able to sneak in rounds during these early spring days when it’s nice enough to play outside, but courses are mostly quiet and eagerly awaiting Memorial Day weekend when business begins to take off with peak summer traffic.Read More

A New Mission For The Century-Old United Golfers Association
Today, the United Golfers Association is often thought to be a misprint, a typo, as if someone added an “ers” and left “States” out of the USGA’s nameRead More

Tubac Golf Resort & Spa
Where Past and Present IntertwineRead More

Zouhair Bellout Brings Morocco’s Best to Georgia
Sometimes sharing a little information leads you in directions you never imaginedRead More

River Forest Country Club Recognizing Jamy Rankin
When Jamy Rankin was working for General Motors right out of college in the mid-1980s, she went to a company barbecue one weekendRead More

It’s Not Delivery, It’s Smart Pizza
For decades, the pizza business has been at the forefront of food-service innovation.Read More

PGA National Resort and Spa Leading by Example
Inclusivity is nothing new at PGA National Resort and Spa, in Palm Beach Gardens, FloridaRead More

Up Close and Personal

Best Advice: Mackenzie Mack
A Word From Leaders And Peers Around The Golf IndustryRead More

New Path for Native Americans in the Game

When it comes to diversity in hiring, some golf shops are well ahead of the gameRead More

Industry News and Trends

Brown Golf Offers an Outlet for Future Minority Leaders
Sometimes it’s just about giving people a chance. John Brown of Brown Golf Management knows all about that. He built his business on finding motivated self-startersRead More

History Made One Range Ball at a Time at Charlie Yates Golf Course
For 25 years the story of the East Lake Golf Club and the East Lake Foundation has been retold countless times, especially in the late summer when the PGA Tour holds the Tour Championship at the Atlanta courseRead More

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