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  • LinksDAO on GBLIVE!
  • LinksDAO on GBLIVE!

    The unmistakable surge in popularity of NFTs, DAOs and cryptocurrency have now worked their way to the golf course... and LinksDAO, a crypto-based start-up club, has a modern concept that is sure to shake up the traditional membership-backed golf facility. NGCOA CEO Jay Karen and PGA of America Secretary Don Rea talk to two of the founders of LinksDAO (Jim Daily and Adam Besvinick) on Golf Business LIVE to explore all aspects of this virtual golf community!Read More

August 2022

From the CEO

The Treadmill is Shifting – What Deserves Most Focus?
Up until COVID struck, while the industry was in what I call our “industry recession,” in my roadshow presentations, I used to show an image of a runner on a treadmill set at a steep incline. The metaphor was that running a golf course is like running uphill, and our job at NGCOA was to get you fit to handle the incline. Because NGCOA cannot control the economy or the environment (the incline level), the best we could do was to prepare you to handle it.Read More

Cover Stories and Features

Landscape of Liability
How Poor Golf Shots Could Find Clubs in a Financial Puzzle  Read More

A Divide-and-Conquer Approach to ‘Grow the Game’
Web-search “grow the game” and you’ll find a dozen sports that use it to promote participation and—fingers crossed—increase business revenues.Read More

Minding Millennials: Younger Players Are Loving Golf
Just two days after getting this assignment to write on millennials’ love of golf, I got this text from my son, Connor, who is 25:Read More

Tom Brooks Takes the Helm
The Nevada Native Becomes NGCOA’s Newest PresidentRead More

Operation 36 Shooting for 1 Million Golfers
Matt Reagan is a man on a mission – a mission for a million. His goal: to introduce golf to one million people in the next five years.Read More

Case Studies

Internship Programs Provide Partial Solution To Labor Problem
Summer help is one thing. Internships with bright, motivated college students who might want to pursue a career in the golf industry are something else entirely. In an era when good help is harder to find than ever, establishing an internship program to attract and train good young people could be a boon to your club. Read More

Little Girls, Big Dreams, Giant Growth
LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Offers Quickest Way To Grow The GameRead More

The Risk-Free, Full-Value Raincheck
With Climate Change Should Come A Policy ChangeRead More

Industry News and Trends

U.S. Kids Golf Provides Soup-To-Nuts Profit Centers While Growing The Game
If you consider almost every aspect of the golf business – retail, agronomy, architecture and design, tournament operations, instruction, new players and more roundsRead More



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