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  • Golf Business Rewind

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February 2018

Vantage Point

Vantage Point‭From the CEO

Call it serendipity, or simply good timing. Whatever it is, the new NGCOA-Yamaha partnership is coming at the right moment in time for both organizations.

Yamaha is a worldwide market leader in several industries, including boats, outboards, wave runners, ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, musical instruments, motorcycles, and even pressure washers and generators. It applies the same Japanese focus on engineering perfection with the solid reputation of U.S. manufacturing to the golf industry.

Yamaha’s hockey-stick growth in our industry over the past 10 years is proof of its commitment to quality, service... and the long game.

NGCOA, similarly, has been around for a while. Folks know about us. We also have a few thousand customers in the golf industry. We’ve been doing good work for a long time, and yet, there’s so much more we’re ready to achieve.  There’s something in the air around NGCOA that’s pointing us to a future that’s going to be even bigger and better.  You can sense it here, and you can also sense it in the halls of Yamaha’s offices, and even in their manufacturing plant. I know it’s hard to explain and specifically identify, but there’s a pent up desire for growth and greatness. Our new alignment is one of those partnerships we simply know will make a big difference for the two organizations, and our respective customers and members.

Yamaha’s generosity in this partnership must be underscored here. There’s something for everyone here, if you’re a member or not of NGCOA. Check it out:

Members of NGCOA: If you convert your fleet to Yamaha, you’re eligible for a $50 per vehicle rebate. If you renew your fleet with Yamaha, you’re eligible for a free ticket to the next Golf Business TechCon or Golf Business Conference. If you want to buy any Yamaha product (boats, motorcycles, power washers, etc.), you can enjoy below-market pricing (limited quantities).

Non-Members: If you renew your fleet with Yamaha, you’ll receive a complimentary, one-year membership in NGCOA. If you convert your fleet to Yamaha, you’ll receive both a complimentary membership, plus your choice of attending the Golf Business TechCon or Golf Business Conference.

When business partners—including vendors and their customers—ask each other, “What are you trying to achieve, and how can we help you?” everyone wins.  That’s the essence of the NGCOA-Yamaha partnership. I have a strong feeling the next four years are going to be pretty fantastic.



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