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  • Big Brother Watching

    As awful as litigation can be for course owners, legal actions have become part of life in the golf industry. Unfortunately, every month or two, a new lawsuit pops up with the potential to set a painful precedent for all operators.Read More

  • At The End of Their Lease

    Members at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club are proud to call the Vancouver course home. But with its lease expiring and unlikely to be extended, how long will they be able to call it that?Read More

  • Come Hell Or ‘Hi’‭ ‬Water

    The Hess family has owned and operated Pennsylvania’s Hi-Level Golf Course through three generations, and the household plans to continue that despite the passing last year of owner Bob HessRead More


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  • Tackling Tee Times
  • Tackling Tee Times

    It’s been just over a year since the launch of the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition, a joint initiative of the NGCOA and PGA of America that’s working to ensure a balanced marketplace in public golf. The action has been nonstop ever since for its managing director, Jared Williams, who sat down this month with the Golf Business podcast ì3 Key Thoughts’ to discuss what the coalition has accomplished thus far and what lies ahead.Read More

May 2017

Making the Big Leagues

makingthebigleagues.jpg‭You think finding your little white golf ball hidden in the woods is hard? Imagine tracking it down somewhere behind 60,000 seats.

Luckily, Stadiumlinks doesn’t enforce such insanity in its own unique take on golf. Thank goodness, too. The company requires no short game in its Topgolf-inspired game, where players shoot for nine different holes on a field hundreds of feet below.

The golfing experience, which debuted last year, has taken its show to Atlanta’s Turner Field, the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Park and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium. It’ll head to the Tampa Bay Bucs’ Raymond James Stadium later this summer.

“Shank a ball into the stands and it will go down as the most memorable double bogey of your life,” the announcement on the stadium’s website reads.

Participants generate a score according to their proximity to the varying flags on each hole. Rings determine whether a shot is a birdie, par or bogey. Tickets for Stadiumlinks’ previous events have generally started at $75.

Of course, there’s no golf course owner that has an NFL or MLB stadium at his or her disposal. But it’s nevertheless another unique take on golf that should give operators something to chew on as they look for their own new, creative ideas to generate revenue outside of a typical 18-hole round.

—Chris Cox


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