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  • Identifying Your Golfer

     On the surface, marketing for a golf course seems simple enough. Post a few pretty pictures of the course on a website, include the rate and how to reserve a tee time. What’s so tough about that, right?Read More


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  • Talking With Sanford
  • Talking With Sanford

    U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford, the former governor of South Carolina and current representative of the First District of South Carolina, recently visited the NGCOA to chat with CEO Jay Karen about a host of topics, including the H-2B program and restoring the returning worker exemption, the industry’s support of rescinding the U.S. Labor Department’s overtime rule, tax reform and disaster relief fairness.Read More

August 2017

Attracting Talent

attractingtalent.jpg‭It’s become apparent during the last decade that while the majority of CEOs recognize there’s a talent optimization problem, they have absolutely no idea how to fix it. Most CEOs address people and workforce issues like a hot potato—they want it off their plate. This is where the 21st century HR professional steps in.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer entering the field, it’s imperative you gain the knowledge to address today’s workforce challenges head-on and strategize solutions that reduce or prevent these constraints from adversely impacting the business.

The first skill you’ll need is the ability to write an executive summary. You must evaluate the major workforce challenges your business faces and outline your plan to rectify them. If you don’t establish a stout plan to address these issues, your business will face an uncertain future. How do workforce gaps and frequent turnover impact the customer experience, employee partnership, innovation and the bottom line?

The second skill you need is the ability to resonate with, speak into and listen from data. Big data rules today’s world, and understanding it and how to make it work for you is imperative. Sorting critical data from superfluous data is another key to getting your point across and keeping your audience’s attention.

In order to catch the ear of people who can solve a problem from a strategic and financial point of view, you need to speak to them in a financial and strategic manner. Most decision-makers prefer to evaluate propositions through three to four salient points grounded in accurate, relevant data.

The third skill you need to develop is your confidence. Standing for stronger people-optimization in the workplace and human systems transformation is a pretty big stake in the ground. Someone needs to keep people present to the commitments around the workforce. Most managers fall astray from talent optimization commitments as soon as the pressure of another commitment overshadows it. Without someone standing for doing the right thing and making people and talent a focus, your competitive advantage initiatives fall apart.

The fourth skill you need to improve is your ability to be comfortable in not having all of the answers. Curiosity is a major strength of people who succeed in the new HR world. Having all the answers and knowing how things are going to or not going to turn out is a trait that no longer serves the business professional of the 21st century. In today’s world, curiosity, agility and creativity are how you win.

Fostering a workplace of collaboration and innovation begins with you. Be the change you want to see. Facing problems with an eye on understanding the systemic impacts on the business and the people in it opens you up to hear from people you might not otherwise hear from. Inviting ideas and solutions from your team gives you a much wider perspective and develops your balanced decision-making skills, which are a requirement for a 21st century business professional.

Magi Graziano is a speaker and the CEO of Conscious Hiring and Development.


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